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Secure All the Things! Technical training | Intro and Azure AD Security

The Secure All the Things! technical training is designed for partners to ensure they look at every engagement through the lens of security, protecting identities, infrastructure, and data in every deployment  and workload. This virtual event is helpful to sales professionals, presales architects, deployment consultants, delivery leads, practice heads to develop a “security-focused” view of the projects. It will a unique approach to the security discussion, walking attendees through some of the major design decisions that will help them protect Azure Active Directory, Azure IaaS, Microsoft 365 and Biz Apps workloads like Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

The Secure All the Things! technical training will help partners to:


  • Develop a standardized, consistent approach to rolling out workloads
  • Work within a defined set of design principles and guidelines to ensure the performance, resiliency, and security of the deployed workloads.
  • Help ensure greater adoption of the cloud, and higher Azure consumed revenue.




  • Microsoft security story
  • Why security should be part of all your projects
  • Securing Azure AD Connect in your hybrid Azure AD deployment
  • Securing Authentication with MFA and Conditional Access
  • Securing Application access with SSO and Application Registration
  • Secure administration using entitlements and Privileged Identity Management


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