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Requirements for Marketplace participation policies

RicVilla  in  Cloud+AI

What are the requirements to get listed in the Marketplace (Azure Marketplace or AppSource)Answer:Here is the main criteriaRun on Microsoft Azure: The primary function of the software or service must run on Microsoft Azure.Deployable... Read more

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Where I can find docs about building Azure Apps and Managed Applications?

PatrickBM  in  Cloud+AI

There is a presenstation in Build 2018 that explains how to do it:  

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Application listed in the Azure Active Directory Gallery

RicVilla  in  Cloud+AI

My application is listed in the Azure Active Directory Gallery, but we never published it. How is this possible?Answer:The connection to this SaaS application is done using password-based single sign-on, and is provided... Read more

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Where is the documentation for how to publish on the Marketplace?

bryandickens  in  Cloud+AI

Sell with Azure Marketplace and Sell with AppSourceThen for publishing we have the public: Publisher Guideand the documentation for CPP: CPP Documentation

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Ask Me Anything: Top Tips for Navigating the Partner Website

tj-westre  in  Events

Bio: Nav Khalsa is this month’s Microsoft Subject Matter Expert. Nav is a part of the One Commercial Partner organization and she leads digital strategy for with one goal in mind – how to make it better... Read more

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How do you find information on upcoming Microsoft events?

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