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Membership in New Portal not yet validated

chameeya  in  Microsoft Connect

I operate as a Sole Proprietor  and I did get a call from Dun & Bradstreet for Microsoft.Had confirmed the details.But after 1 week no update to CSP & MPN account.I am strugging to find the support page. Can someone... Read more

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Partner Sales Connect // PSC Training

captmattjones  in  Cloud+AI

Need help with PSC training? IE...Setting Up and Registering Deals into the portal. @Raj FYI

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Microsoft Market Place // App Source

captmattjones  in  Cloud+AI

Stratifyd is published on Market Place App Source but we are not recieving any leads. Just FYI @Raj

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Word and Excel 2016 keeps crashing

jgough1  in  Products

Hi,I have a customer who has a sbs 2011 server, we have recently migrated all email to the cloud and so the server is now being used just for file and print. All users are either Windows 7 or 10 and all are using office... Read more

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Seller / Distributor in India

rahulmd  in  Microsoft Connect

Hi All,I am looking at becoming a reseller for Microsoft products in India. I have seem multiple blogs on the process and it seems quite vague. Is there any one you can guide me to who can help me understand the proceedure... Read more

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