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LinkedIn Benefits for Microsoft for Startups Companies?

Garrett  in  Cloud+AI

Hi - wondering if there are any benefits for our team on LinkedIn for being part of the MSFT for startups cosell program. Anyone find anything out?Thanks! @Raj FYI

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CERAWeek Houston, March 2019

Garrett  in  Cloud+AI

Hi - saw MSFT was sponsoring CERAWeek in Houston - this is our core audience so would be great to get in contact with whomever is working that show to co-sell. Thanks!@Raj FYI

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Gold Partner Status is it Transferable?

legend126  in  Build Partnerships & Alliances

Hi, I would like to consult the partner community on regards to the compenteny. Support a Company A and Company B are two separate legal entities. The only conneciton between company A and Company B is a common owners. Company... Read more

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Refresh token lifetime, error AADSTS50076

LukeMarlin  in  Partner Center Security Guidance Group

Hi, I've switched our production to the new model and I'm therefore using refresh tokens. However, in less than 24h, I usually start getting AADSTS50076 on all of my calls. The error message states:SpoilerDue to... Read more

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Maps CPV Application Consent / Grants

Maps  in  Partner Center Security Guidance Group

Hi,Continuing the discussion from the Yammer group, refering to this topic: are the grants that a CPV should set to call the API?Thank... Read more

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