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[Jan 24, 2019] Important Update: CSP Program Security Requirements

Sindy_Park  in  Partner Center Security Guidance Group

Impacted Audience Partners transacting in the CSP program using CSP capabilities and APIs in the partner center   (Indirect providers, direct bill partners and CSP indirect resellers) Control panel vendors who integrate... Read more

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Maps CPV Application Consent / Grants

Maps  in  Partner Center Security Guidance Group

Hi,Continuing the discussion from the Yammer group, refering to this topic: are the grants that a CPV should set to call the API?Thank... Read more

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Subscribe to a Group

bex300662  in  Partner Center Security Guidance Group

With regard to the transition from Yammer to the new Partner Centre Security Guidance Group on MPC, how do we subscribe to the Group, rather than having to go to each Board and potentially each Topic to subscribe. I have... Read more

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Microsoft Partner Centre NIGHTMARE!!

Anonymous  in  UK Partner Zone

Hi FolksI am unable to untangle the confusing mess that is Microsoft Partner portals. Many years ago I set up a microsoft live account using my personal credentials. This seemed to make sense as the portal retained info... Read more

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Migration Failure from Partner Membership Centre to Partner Centre

GrabASalad  in  UK Partner Zone

Hi All, I have been an Action Pack Partner for over 4 years from when i started My life as a freelance consultant. I have recommended it to mant other contractors over the time as I feel it is a fabulous tool to promote... Read more

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