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Joining MPN stuck on 1st step email verification



I've been stuck in the registration process for more than 10 days because I was not receiving the code by mail in order to complete the enrollment.

I opened a ticket # 2106150040001729 but never got an answer and no one can be join by phone (voice recorded message invite me to go online to which I already did). Fortunately I find the solution by myself and manage to complete the enrollment process.


Unfortunately since then (Monday) my account is under verification and is stuck on 1st step email verification.

I've checked all the recommandations on the link: to make sure I was compliant with all the prerequisites (including making sure that domains are trusted domain).

Concerning email ownership this link says :

If you don't receive the email ownership verification email message within one business day, you can request the email is sent again. Go to your profile page for MPN or CSP and select Resend verification email. Be sure to flag email from as a "safe" domain, and check Junk email folders. For further assistance, create a support ticket.

 But when I click on the MPN link ( it is redirecting me to and then to where I cannot find what is mentioned "Resend verification email"...
Just to double check I tried the CSP link ( and same problem it is 
redirected to as well...


I opened a new ticket # 2106240040000433 but again no answer and no update and no possibility to talk to someone...

I read here and there that some people are managing to chat with microsoft support representatives: would someone in the community be kind enough to give me the tip on how to get there?

Would anyone from Microsoft team be willing to have a look to my account and tell me why it is not moving forward at all?


One last thing: where can I see my opened ticket? Can I update it? Close it? etc.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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