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Swiss Partner Marketing Breakfast Call, May 12th 2021, 8.30-10.00

Dear Partner Marketers

Right in time before a long weekend, we're kicking off our 3rd Swiss Marketing Breakfast Call of FY21!


Join us on May 12th from 08:30 – 10:00 to get insights on (prelim agenda):

  • How to 'Webinar' with Microsoft Teams
  • How to tell a story in the digital age of social media
  • What topics are 'hot' in the C-level community (PwC Insights)
  • Updates regarding Partner Center & Lead Uploads

Please mark the date in your agendas - we are looking forward to your virtual participation. Download the .ics file to add it to your calendar and join the meeting through the Teams link on the day of the event.


Date: Wednesday, 12. May, 2021

Time: 08:30 – 10:00

Language: English


PS: let's see if there's time for another Kahoot 🙂

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