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(Watch On-Demand) Ask Me Anything: Grow your cloud business with SMB sales plays and how to get started

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In this webinar, we’ll introduce the key opportunities with sales plays to maximize cloud revenue in Small to Medium Business. We will provide practical guidance to find revenue opportunities with key sales plays in SMB and how to get started with go-to-market campaign materials, CloudAscent, and other digital resources. 


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Sindy Park is a Business Strategy Manager, focused on Cloud Solution Provider  program marketing lead at Microsoft. In her role, she is responsible for building a thriving, world-class ecosystem of partners driving revenue and performance growth to enable customer digital transformation at scale. 





Cydney Hoffnagle is the WW Digital Go-To-Market lead at Microsoft, focusing on helping partners drive digital transformation at scale through valuable resources and tools. She is passionate about creating unified experiences, innovative solutions, and collaborating with business owners to land and maximize marketing activities








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