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Help -- Stuck at Employment Verification Issue



I have been a MS Partner for quite a few years now. When my Action Pack expired last December (2020), and I was not informed, I thought something must have gone wrong. As with the current Covid issues going on around here I was not able to review the details until next week. I found out that my account was left at Employment Verification issue. I had been using my hotmail account for the business, but it appeared that I needed to have my own domain (at least from my own interpretation of the recommended solutions). I had rectified that last week and sent the support ticket.


However, today I found out that it was rejected again (it had gone back to in progress when I updated the domains). I was told to send a support ticket (again?), and so I did. Now, in looking at the support tickets, it would appear that the tickets were all still in "open", which I would assume to mean that it was not looked at. 


Does anyone here have any suggestions here to resolve this issue? 




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