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Microsoft Viva | Partner Material & More

Ever since Microsoft Viva was announced last week, there's been A LOT of interest coming in from customers and partners alike. And no wonder. This will be a game changer. I've personally not been this excited about a new solution from Microsoft since Teams was announced almost 4 years ago. This will be big. I'm sure of it. 


Partner Material

Naturally, partners have been eager to get more information on how this will align with their current product portfolio and enhance their services to customers. Many have been requesting more information. We've compiled resources and material currently available in this post and urge you to stay tuned for more. 


Attachments (see below):

  • Microsoft Viva FAQ for Partners
  • Microsoft Viva Brief
  • Microsoft Viva Pitch Deck


Of course, this is just the beginning - the tip of the iceberg if you will - and we encourage all partners to sign up here to get the latest updates on Microsoft Viva, carefully go through the material provided in this post and make sure to register for the Microsoft Viva partner event that will take place on February 23 at 17:00 Copenhagen time (16:00 Icelandic time). Stay tuned! Stay Excited!


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