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RDS Server 2016 Failed GetConnectionProperty' in CUMRDPConnection

I have a fully patched Windows Server 2016 dedicated to RDS. There is currenlty only 1 RemoteApp which is the primamry LOB appllication. This issue last happened sevreal months ago and then did not manifest again until yesterday )to my knowledge).

The server shows nothing in the Application or System logs. In the Operational log of RemoteDesktopServices-RdpCoreTS I am seeing the following. There will be a channel conenction for URBDRC then it will immedaitely close and then error 'Failed GetConnectionProperty' in CUMRDPConnection::QueryProperty at 2349 err=[0xd0000001]. The Event ID is 227. I am seeing this also with Channel Microsoft::Windows::RDS::Input has been connectred, then immediately closed, then the same error.

The users are seeing errors saying 'reconnect issues'.



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