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Does Teams Have a Limit on How Many Users Can Collaborate on a Word Doc at One Time?

I am looking for some solution guidance / best practices for an unusual problem we’re running into in a deployment with an customer.



  • We have a large customer where we are deploying Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to drive their Sales and Proposal / RFP process.
  • This customer typically has “working teams” of 30-40 contributors working on large scale RFP responses / proposals.
  • They are running into issues where proposal documents are being corrupted and / or text is being deleted as it appears there are too many people editing documents at the same time (contributors open documents from TEAMS and then select the option to open in the full MS Word app).
  • Prior to moving online – The customer did not run into this issue as they “logically throttled” how many people could work on a document as they required to VPN into their network and accessed a network drive (“g drive”).

Does Teams have a limit on how many users can collaborate on a Word doc at one time?

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