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Become a Microsoft Learning partner

Hi Team,

Me and my team are a startup and we have delivered significant number of readiness programs on Microsoft technologies for multiple corporates.

However we really want to take this to the next level by registering ourselves as Microsoft Learning partner. However when I go to partner website I get the below options to choose from:


(Select one or more)
Build applications, software, add-ins, and services on top of existing Microsoft software, services, and technology. (Independent software vendor “ISV”)
Deliver value added, outsourced IT services, network services, or remote datacenter services through your datacenter and/or public cloud services. (Managed services provider “MSP”)
Resell or distribute Microsoft products, hardware and/or software, or build a channel through recruitment, development and enablement to reach customers at scale.
Integrate systems into a whole to function together. (System integrator “SI”)
Manufacture devices, parts and equipment from components purchased from other companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM).
Develop consumer apps for Xbox Games, Windows Apps, Mixer. (Consumer Developer)
Which of these should I choose to register our company as learning partner? Any help here is sincerely appreciated.
Best Regards
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