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Become a CSP reseller for another location



I would like some information regarding becoming an Indirect Reseller for Indirect Providers (I was unable to find it in the docs.)


Our company has a Partner account with MPN & CSP dashboard. I enrolled the current account (we are in Asia) as an Indirect Reseller and am looking to associate with partners within our region.


We also have locations in Africa and the Middle East, which I have added to the Locations Tab. Each have been authorized and have their own MPN ID.


I attempt to partner with a African provider but it kept getting an error. Partner support and the partner mentioned I have to enroll each location MPN ID as a CSP partner.

However when I attempt this with my account (I am the global admin), I keep getting a "You are already enrolled" message when redirected to the dashboard.


Can I proceed to just share the MPN ID for our african locations with the partner to associate with them?

If not, how do I enroll each location individually with my account?


Appreciate the help and guidance in advance.


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