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Joining MPN stuck on Employment verification

We are trying to join MPN, however we have been stuck on the the Employment Verification step. 

The exact message is: 

"We were not able to verify your email domain. Follow below instructions to fix"

I have chatted with support a few times, however that is not going anywhere. They have asked me to update my office 365 profile etc. which I have done, however we are still stuck on that step of the process.

I have also read the Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details forum post and one of the users recommends that we submit an incident. Which I tried, however when I click on Submit Incident I get to a page which tells me that I do not have access to and I decided to post in the community having exhausted all other means (well I still have not tried to call but I will need to mentally prepare for a call a bit longer 🙂 ).


Can anyone help out with getting past this step?

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