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Re: Microsoft Power Platform business model and licensing updates

I couldn't agree with you more. We all know that successful businesses will grab market share and then start to push up prices over time.  But increasing prices by over 600% and then pithcing it as a good thing (because you now get all features of PowerApps) is never going to sit well with end users.


Ultimately, this means that all of those 'small app use cases' of creating a little app to solve a business challenge for a handful of users, can no longer be realised using PowerApps.  This is real shame because in the space of a few months we've gone from being a mobile app development company, to not really being able to pitch PowerApps due to the increase in cost.  Of course we can still use the PowerApps licence when bundled with Dynamics 365 licences, but for new customers just wanting low cost mobile apps, there is now no such thing with the new PowerApps plans.  A real shame!