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Wouldn't this be cool.  


Office Dream Team.png

1.  "Billinda" Gates - They share the office, it's their Foundation satellite office- so you never know who might show up.  While both need no explanation as to their contribution- let's think about the side benies.  Melinda being a genius in her own right, would provide some massive water cooler value - discussions could range from how to joyfully manage a difficult partner to holistically thinking about our Social Impact Program. A lunchtime Bridge game with Bill and Warren or a ping pong tourney- are all on the cards:)

2. Kevin Carroll- besides the obvious- making the office more "innovative and purpose-driven".  I'm imagining daily games of tag to improve creativity and problem-solving.  Kevin would help us attract amazing talent.  In order to have this dream fully realised, we need  have an employee named 'BRAD", so we can all watch him be referred to as BE-RAADD.  This would never become old.

3. Bozoma Saint John- We are a Partner GTM Marketing and Communications office, so besides her big swing approach to making an impact, we will also learn from her authentic leadership style. And again, she brings her interesting friends to the office. At our office, she goes by "the BOZ".