COMPETITION: Daily Pursuit #1

We’ll be running through Inspire with our Daily Pursuit challenge, where you’ll be sharing your activities with us on the Virtual Inspire Community.

Below is a checklist of items that you will have to achieve throughout today’s sessions to go in the running to win:


1st place: Surface headphones

2nd place: Xbox One


You will be judged on creativity, the kudos received, and the time you have completed each activity.

Below is your checklist of activities you will need to complete at the given time slots. Make sure you post your responses in the competition thread.


T&Cs apply. Please refer to here


Congratulations to our Daily Pursuit #1 winners. 


Our judges had a tough time deciding. We're loving all your responses, great to see so many of you participating today. 


Our winners are: 

1st place: @MattBurr  

2nd place: @SeanByrne 

We'll contact you shortly 🙂 


Make sure you all come back tomorrow, for another chance to win! 


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Entries are now closed for today! 


Good luck to all participants, we'll announce our winner here shortly. 



Level 3 Contributor

4 people for dinner


Nikola Tesla

Kathy Klieman from NASA

Elon Musk

Bill Gates 🙂

Level 2 Contributor

Sorry to be running late..... great 'ask the expert session'...


I don’t think anytime in history has been more exciting, so the best Dinner Party I could think of:


  1. Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus – WHO Director-0General , very busy man that deserves a good home cooked meal
  2. Melinda Gates – long term philanthropist who understands the world & business
  3. Elon Musk – making massive change happen now
  4. Our Microsoft BDM Jules Damcevski – kicks our butts and makes things happen



I’d invite Donald Trump for spark and entertainment, but really couldn’t be bothered….

Level 4 Contributor

Alan Turing, the roots of modern day crypto’s, encryption
Satoshi Nakamoto, or whomever it is... because bitcoin..
Tim Berners-Lee, www
Bill Gates & Paul Allen, together!

Honourable mention, our very own:


 Kudos if you can guess where this photo was taken!


Level 2 Contributor

Dinner with 

Bill Gates

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs

Nikola Tesla

Level 2 Contributor

Nikola Tesla - Good one!

Level 2 Contributor

Dinner with 4 would be these guys because I think it would be interesting for everyone involved:
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Igor Pavlov
Linus Torvalds

Level 2 Contributor


...because it'll help speed the troubleshooting process up significantly for the IT support technician.

Level 2 Contributor

Bumble Bee because the tech is phenomenal, you have an awesome car of any type that you choose, and you have someone that has your back during an alien invasion!

Visitor 1

Tough, seriously tough choices.

Today. Bill G. of course. We here as a result.

Yester-year. Alan Turing. Foundations of computing is maths and he was a founding father. Plus he set the original question to determine when AI equals Human; which may happen in a current lifetime.

Future. The person who creates the AI platform that will need to be the 'HAL' for the human visit to ' that's a test. 

As in Sydney and shining on our Aussie contribution, Wifi inventor and his undoubted impact on our world today. John O’ Sullivan


Level 4 Contributor

Yep, pretty much me trying to keep up with all the participation threads here and all the sessions!



Level 3 Contributor

Dinner with 4

Eugene Roshal - created Rar and gave it away

Ted Nelson - Created micrsotransactions and Xanadu

Ward Christensen & Randy Suess Creators of the first BBS


Level 2 Contributor

Meme does say it all - specifically I'm loving SIEM...



Level 3 Contributor

The Batmobile has the best tech as it has the least which means more customisation 🙂

Level 4 Contributor

The DeLorean - with its 'future' modifications of Mr Fusion and flight.. from 2015...

With time travel - temporal paradoxes aside - we can understand past decisions better and get insights into future challenges and technologies!



Level 5 Contributor

Dinner Party Guest List

1. Margaret Hamilton - For those of you who don't know, Margaret Hamilton is the absolutely legend who wrote the code to get us to the moon, forging the path for all of humankind in a room full of men. She also coined the term software engineering. 


2. Johannes Gutenberg - Gutenberg invented the printing press, often cited as the most important invention in all of history. His influence has spanned the centuries proceeding him, his invention accelerating the our progress into modernity as we know it. 


3. Radia Perlman - AKA 'The Mother of the Internet'!!! Radia invented the algorithm behind the Spanning Tree Protocol, which is foundational to the internet! Similar to Gutenberg, her work has accelerated the world, changing it in ways unimaginable before her work. 


4. Leonardo da Vinci - Okay, a bit of a classic, I get it. But seriously, he was an all round genius! To bask in his art, discuss his brilliant engineering feats, and explore the things lost through the history of space and time - a chance I woudl not pass up lightly! 

Level 2 Contributor

First of all, I don’t believe that this is even up for debate.   Second, I can’t believe that you misspelt KITT’s name!   How could ANYONE go past the AI legend that was way before it’s time? The other laggards of this list, that I won’t even bother to mention as they are so unworthy, can not even talk!


Next thing I know you’ll be asking me to revert to Skype for Business from Teams (yes, I’ve just finished watching the ‘Helping our customers with Microsoft 365 and Teams’ session), that’s how ridiculously obvious the answer to this question is…


Anyway.... off to the next session....

Level 2 Contributor

Bumble Bee


Bumblebee exceeds the others on every front.


1. Far superior AI machine than KIT

2. Better CyberSecurity machine defense system than Batmobile

3. Far more stylish transportation than the DeLorean






Level 5 Contributor

Meme about how I'm feeling right now: 

Inspire Gown Meme.jpg