Level 4 Contributor

Inspiring Connections!


I have had a great time connecting with many ISV’s and new potential Partners. Here are some of the standouts! Please to introduce you to:


  • Larry Gregory: Partner Strategy Consultant @ Competegy
    • Very knowledgable Partner Manager who understands the ins and outs of how to effectively work with MSFT through partner center. 
  • Alistair Wardlaw: CEO & Co-Founder @ Mesh AI
    • Founder and CEO of an intelligent AI conversationist Bot that has multiple use cases. Most of all I reached out to Alistair as I to work in this space and find that collaborating on these technologies can provide exponential growth in real-world applications of this technology!
  • Hannu Stewart: Head of Sales @ Drawboard
    • Very cool collaboration technology to assist in the workplace or across large infrastructure projects providing real-time drawing on plans to the whole team! Go Check it out!