Level 5 Contributor

Dinner Party Guest List

1. Margaret Hamilton - For those of you who don't know, Margaret Hamilton is the absolutely legend who wrote the code to get us to the moon, forging the path for all of humankind in a room full of men. She also coined the term software engineering. 


2. Johannes Gutenberg - Gutenberg invented the printing press, often cited as the most important invention in all of history. His influence has spanned the centuries proceeding him, his invention accelerating the our progress into modernity as we know it. 


3. Radia Perlman - AKA 'The Mother of the Internet'!!! Radia invented the algorithm behind the Spanning Tree Protocol, which is foundational to the internet! Similar to Gutenberg, her work has accelerated the world, changing it in ways unimaginable before her work. 


4. Leonardo da Vinci - Okay, a bit of a classic, I get it. But seriously, he was an all round genius! To bask in his art, discuss his brilliant engineering feats, and explore the things lost through the history of space and time - a chance I woudl not pass up lightly!