AI Partner Technical Series - Machine Learning

About the AI Partner Tech Series

The goal of these virtual sessions are to help individuals to jumpstart with the concepts of Azure Cognitive Services, Chat Bots and Machine Learning and develop deeper proficiency in building AI applications on Microsoft Cloud AI Platform. This Virtual Series – “Microsoft-Virtual-Series-AI Partner Tech Series” has been designed to bring the best of both worlds – high class theoretical knowledge + demos / Offline hacks.


Every session is 3 hours long and are held on 4 different time zones so select the time zone relevant to you.


Machine Learning Session


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Workbench Data Preparation
  • AML Workbench & Experimentation Services
  • Demos and Hackathon Kits



  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Jump Start
  • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning