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  • What is the Microsoft Partner Community (MPC)?

    The Microsoft Partner Community (MPC) is a global online discussion community designed to be the one united platform that drives partner and Microsoft business conversations through an engaging and easy-to-use digital platform. Through it, we streamline partners' access to key content, subject matter experts and networking opportunities with other partners.

  • What platform is MPC built on?

    MPC is built on Khoros, and differentiated from Yammer, as it can scale to support millions of users, and does not have a requirement for user to log in before they can view or search the content. Additionally, it has robust capabilities and features to enhance your user experience.

  • Why is Microsoft moving away from Yammer to Khoros for online communities?

    Khoros is the Global Partner Solutions supported platform, which has additional robust capabilities and features to enhance user experience such as a notifications dashboard, badging & ranking and ability to search for relevant content and conversations. It can also scale to support millions of users, and does not have a requirement for user to log in before they can view or search the content.

  • How does Khoros relate to other Microsoft products?

    Khoros platform has been integrated across a number Microsoft products during their longstanding partnership, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Skype for Business and Azure Active Directory. Khoros is also listed in AppSource, and the Microsoft Partner Network is excited to be partnering with Khoros to take advantage of Khoros's robust platform to deliver a world-class partner community.

    Khoros is also listed in AppSource, and the Microsoft Partner Network is excited to be partnering with Khoros to take advantage of Khoros's robust platform to deliver a world-class partner community.

  • Are there other Microsoft communities that are using Khoros?

    Yes, there are several technical communities using Khoros, such as Power BI and Power Users and Tech Community .

  • How does MPC align with other Microsoft social channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

    The goal of MPC is to be the primary discussion community for Microsoft partners across relevant business conversation topics, and to enable dialogue between partners and Microsoft. It provides some key advantages over social channels:
    • Allows for deeper dialogue across a range of topics, engaging a wider breadth of partners.
    • Reach out to subject matter experts of any niche and learn from the best.
    • Social sites drift in and out of popularity; the community forum is longer term.
    • Curates Microsoft digital events on relevant themes
    • Partners become frequent contributors, earn badges and kudos, and build your reputation in one of the busiest IT communities.
    • Offers streamline access to Partner Center dashboard for registered users.

  • Why should I register with the community?

    As a visitor, your access is limited to browsing, searching for information, and reading posts. You won't be able to give kudos, vote on ideas, interact with other community members or set subscription and customization preferences.
    Check out this promo to learn more:

  • How do I register?

    *If you have an existing MPN ID , please use the associated email to expedite the registration process and have seamless access to your Partner Center dashboard.

    To register:

    1. Click Sign In near the top right

    2. Once you log in, you will be redirected back to the community where you will be prompted to select a Username and fill in the following fields: First & Last Name, Company, and Company Website. Click Submit to complete your profile and registration.

  • How do I sign in?

    After you've registered and confirmed your registration, you can sign in and start participating:

    1. Click Sign In at the top of any page
    2. 2. Select the correct account or enter your Email address and Password.
      Tip: : If you're the only one who uses this computer, click Keep me signed in to sign in automatically next time you visit
    3. Click Sign In
  • How can I access my Partner Center Dashboard?

    From the upper menu on any page look for the Partner Center Dashboard tab and select it to be redirected to your Dashboard.

  • What do I do if I forget my login or password?

    To get help with your password:

    1. Enter email
    2. Click forgot my password link
    3. Enter email for getting instructions
    4. Select the option of email or phone number and enter correct code
    5. Enter the code sent for verification
    6. Set new password
  • Posts
  • How do I post a message?

    Once you landed in the desired community, follow the steps in the screenshot below.

    1. Make your Subject clear and concise, as it is the only part of the post that shows up on the topic-listing page.

    2. In the Body field, type your message. Be sure to include all necessary details, especially for technical topics

    3. Add a Label to your post from the list on the right-hand side. These labels help categorize the topic; you can choose more than one.

  • How can I attach a document (PDF, word, ppt) to the post?

      See the drag and drop area at the bottom of the post. Drag or browse for desired content.

      Please note, Khoros has an upper limit of 71MB on the file size due to performance or 10 files up to 71 MB in total.

  • How can I reply to a post?

  • How do I edit a topic once I have posted it? Where can I delete a topic I created?

    Click on the menu in the top right of your post. There you will be able to edit, move and delete your own posts.

  • How do I send a private message?

      To use the Private Message feature sign in Microsoft Partner Community (MPC).
      1. Go to Notifications area.
      2. Select private messages.
      3. Click on See more.
      4. Click start a new message icon.
      5. Populate your new message with content and click send.
      *Private messages can be sent only to existing members of the Microsoft Partner Community.
    1. Click 'New Message' button:
  • How do I subscribe to a community, forum, post or label?

    It is important to subscribe to a community, forum, post or label so that you stay updated with all the information you care about!

    You will need to set up your preferences to receive email notifications. More information in the following sections. Community subscription
      1. Browse the Communities.
      2. Click Join on communities in which you want to become a member.
      3. Refresh the page and you will see at the top of the page the communities you`ve joined.
    Forum subscription

      Click into the forum you would like to subscribe to and click 'Subscribe' button. Here the board is "Community Events:

    Post subscription
    1. Click into the post you would like to subscribe to:
    2. Click 'Subscribe to Topic' at the top of the post:
    Label subscription
    1. Click the label you would like to subscribe to:
    2. Click 'Subscribe' in Subscribe to this label text:
    Manage subscriptions

      You can manage all subscriptions in your profile:

  • How do I edit my community subscription or email settings?

    You can edit your subscription settings anytime.
    1. You can change your ‘Notification Settings’ to alter how you are notified in the community, including the frequency of notifications and emails. You may also turn off notifications here.
    2. You can change the email format of email notifications received from the community in ‘Email Format’ settings.
  • How do I accept solutions?

    The author of a post can mark replies to their post as the official answer by 'accepting solution'. This makes it easier for others to see which reply to focus on.

    1. Click 'Accept as Solution' to the reply you deem the correct answer: