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Subscription confusion

My Ltd company has been a MS partner for a number of years but I seem to have lost track with regards subscriptions and enrollment and it's got a bit messy...

I'll try and explain where I'm at, if I go to my Partner Dashboard (https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/pcv/dashboard/overview) and log in using a company account I can see my Ltd company and it shows my MS hotmail account as the Primary contact as that is the one that I used to originally sign up as a partner. 

However, it also shows:

Verification status Rejected
Verification Started
We were not able to verify your employment with ***** LIMITED.

What am I supposed to do about this ? If I restart the process then it just says updating for a day or two and then goes back to the same.

Should I sort out getting the Primary contact as a company email address and take it from there ?

 Also, under User Management, my hotmail address isn't listed so I can't log in or do anything with it even though the dashboard keeps saying it's the Primary contact.

I've tried raising this as an incident with MS but am having problems explaining it Smiley Frustrated

I think that's enough for now though, any help greatly appreciated.



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And...things go from bad to worse. I'm not sure MS could really make more of a mess of this if they tried.

So, after a few weeks, MS 'support' got me to create an Azure subscription based on the Free trial and assign this to my personal hotmail.co.uk account (this is the account I've always used till recently to use my partner benefits etc.). They then transferred my subscription (from a custom domain business account in my Azure Directory which had full directory rights) to my hotmail.co.uk address. 

So I login to the portal and see my directory but I have lost all my resources, apart from 3 users ??!


If I go to https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/pcv/msaloginerrorredirect and use my hotmail.co.uk account I get:

We're sorry!
We don’t recognize that account. Sign in again using your work email. If that doesn’t work, contact your company’s global administrator and ask them to grant you the appropriate access permissions. 
Need help? Contact support
Is there anyway I can raise this issue higher with Microsoft, the support people I have being dealing with are completely clueless and incompetent.


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I had a similar scenario when moving my personal Azure account into my partner account to utilise free credits.

Turned out that when they moved them out of my personal account they got kinda left in no mans land. I don't know how or why. However, I had to raise a new ticket on the account they needed moving to. I had to give them the account number of both accounts and tell them where I wanted the resources to reside.

Once this had done, I still couldn't see them. After more contact, I had to log into the Azure portal, click the user link in the top right as if I was going to log out and now there was a link for "Switch Directory". Once I'd clicked this, I was able to see all the resources from my old account.

I agree though, for something that seems so simple, it seems incredibly difficult to do something that one, seems simple but two, surely happens often.

I'm not sure if I've been any help there but hope you get it sorted.


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Finally sorted last night after another solid hour on the phone with support. The guy was very helpful but it took such a long time for me to try and explain the issue I was having, he seemed to think it was fine that I had two directories, one for a MS live account (that had the MS Partner subscription) and another directory using my business domain.

Eventually we moevd the MS Partner subscriptiin into my business directory and everything now sits under one roof as it were, no irritating errors about no rights to view billing info or invoices etc.

The problem seems to stem from using a MS live account to sign up for MS Partner many years ago, however you can't seem to do much with that now on the MS Partner site, it just errors when you try and login. You also can't invite a Live account to your organisation, yet support kept telling me that my MS Live account was the account with the subscription and that was ok...

I just need to try and sort out my employment verification (just says awaiting verification...varification with who ? no one has ever contacted me or asked for proof of employment/company ownership??) on my MS Partner site and I'm guessing it'll turn to failed shortly as per usual.


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Just when you think you're getting somewhere you get this beauty in the way of MS Support.
So in response to trying to find out what I'm supposed to do about the employer verification (I'm self employed running as a Ltd company) status I get the following from MS Support:

"in respect of employment verification, you need to contact your local IT person to fix the issue"

Give me strength. Smiley Frustrated

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I am having the same problem with employment verification and I am the owner of the company with no employees.  Support looks like that does not care about this issue, I am dealing with that for more than 30 days and now I cannot renew my partnership, I think they want me to get out of the program once I am a small company.  I am patner since 2007 and when they change to this new website they change to one that is fancy but does not work at all.  What is the employment verification? How it is done to be rejected?  This is crap of some lazy and bureacratic employee that decides to check a thing that they are not able to check and did not add value to the process.

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I finally got a reply from MS after raising another ticket. Although it's still confusing. I think what they're looking for is valid company info for the WHOIS based on your domain name and presumably the company domain that is used for emails.

I've had to print out an invoice to show I've paid for my company domain and emailed it to them as an attatchment (although apparently screenshots wont do...)

Will update on here when I hear more.