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Security Series - Build a Managed SoC - Azure Security Center & Azure Networking


Thank you to those of you who joined us this week on the Build a SoC programme. This weeks sessions covered - Azure Security Center and Azure Networking (in the context of a SoC) and was hosted live on the 3rd June 2020. 


For those of you who were unable to attend, you can find the slides attached to this post.  A link to these sessions if you would like to watch them on demand can be found  here - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-videos

If you would like to view any of the other events that were part of this series please click on the links below:


Security Sales Overview - In Person - 2nd March 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-sales

Azure Sentinel - 5th/6th May 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-slides-Sentinel

Endpoint Protection -  12/13th May 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-slides-endpoint

Cloud App Security 19th May 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-cloudappsecurity

Office ATP and Azure ATP - 20th May 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-azureatpofficeatp

Capture the Flag - Microsoft Threat Protection 27th/28th May 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-mtp

Azure Security Center &Azure Networking -3rd June  2020 - This post

Identity - 4th June 2020 - https://aka.ms/buildasoc-identity