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Query regarding moving to the new CDS data structure

The new CDS structure that came into place on 1st April and Microsoft have distributed information around grandfathering people currently purchasing additional storage. However what Microsoft have not made 100% clear is if customers are able to opt into moving to the new storage model prior to their renewals given that the new model is actually beneficial to most customers.


So could I have a clarification around

1) Whether it is possible for customers with no storage to move to the new model, and if so, how?

2) Can customers currently purchasing the old additional storage move to the new model before renewal, and if so, how?


Thanks in advance.




Current customers do have the option to opt into the new model from 1st April if they so wish, or they can remain on the legacy model. They cannot however mix and match, they will need to either opt into the new system fully or stay on legacy until renewal.


In terms of how existing customers would go about opting into the new storage would depend on the program they are currently purchasing under. They would effectively need to add the new licensing SKU's to their agreement and remove the legacy (this would result in the new rules taking effect). An example would be on CSP where a customer who wishes to opt in can choose to suspend their legacy storage SKU's and provision the new ones.


Hope that makes sense!



Level 4 Contributor

Hi Ciaran,


That is really helpful, thanks. One point off the back of this, however, is how can we move someone who currently purchases no additional storage (but may be very close to the current limit) to the new model as there is no SKU to actually switch over? Is this something that can be achieved by logging a ticket?