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Partner / Indirect CSP migrating themselves to a new O365 tenant



we are in a situation where our company is splitting and our organization needs to migrate to a new Office 365 tenant for Email/Sharepoint. Our domain will also be moved to a new tenant.


However, MPN support and our T1 CSP provider are not able to clearly answer our question about how this would affect our T2 CSP and other MPN matters.


Would we lose access to our sales performance?

Would we retain our CSP customers or we would need to re-subscribe them?


I guess our question is, how is the Office 365 tenant we are using for email tied into our CSP, MPN ?





When I understand your scenario correctly, there will not be directly an impact.


They way I understand the scenario:

 - You currently have a single tenant - e.g. contoso.onmicrosoft.com with verified domain contoso.com. Within this tenant you also have access to Partner Center where you manage MPN & CSP

 - Now the business split - so contosonew.onmicrosoft.com tenant will be created, O365 data will be migrated there, contoso.com will be added in there. MPN & CSP will stay at contoso.onmicrosoft.com (So in Partner Center AzureAD profile Information nothing is planned to be changed) .


The CSP reseller relation - both Indirect Provider --> Ind. Reseller relationship and Ind. Reseller--> Customer relationship - is not bound to the custom domain (contoso.com), but the actual tenant (contoso.onmicrosoft.com) - and this tenant will be untouched from a MPN/CSP perspective. 

If an organization rename is required, so a major change in the MPN/CSP Organization profile , you can open a support ticket for that. If the part of the company that is split off will again need to become a MPN Partner and CSP, they will need to go through to a complete new enrollment for that anyway.


Only if contosonew.onmicrosoft.com should be used to manage the customers from now on, you will lose sales performance and need to reinvite all customers again.

Kind regards,
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