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Ordering Issue on CSP Portal - has anyone else got this problem

Within current policy docs it is defined that a customer must have subscriptions for a minimum of 20 Unified Plan Ent Ed SL's

This minimum requirement could be covered by any or each of the following SKU's:

D365 Ent Edition Plan / Plan Add-on / Plan From SA

D365 Ent Edition Unified Plan / Unified Plan Add-on / Unified Plan From SA 

However the ordering portal will only allow a minimum order quantity of 20 SL's for some of these SKUs therefore not allowing a combination of qualifying SKU's to be used to make the minimum order qty, meaning that customers who want to mix PLAN sku's are forced to purchase more than the minimum 20 SL's.

While I understand that compared to the EA program different user/device sku's cannot be combined to make up minimum order thresholds, I would expect that orders for combined PLAN  SKU's would be possible and would meet minimum order qty policy rules.

Is this a Policy issue or a Portal issue????


Level 1 Contributor

As an additional note, the validation on the ordering portal is also preventing the addition of any SKU with a minimum order against it unless the individual order is greater than the minimum. e.g a customer with 25 Ent Unified Plan SKU's already on subscription cannot have an additional subscription for less that 20 Enterprise Plan SKU's added without the portal min qty error.