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Inspire 2022

I've noticed come out from other countries across Europe that Inspire 2022 will be the same digital format as last year, but the local Microsoft teams are looking to set something up. Are Microsoft UK looking to do something similar?

You could be cynical in thinking that the largest partner event is staying digital because of the upset caused by NCE and upset so many that they don't want to take the risk of being in the same room as so many angry partners.

Level 5 Contributor

As much as I enjoy being cynical about Microsoft, these events probably take 2-3 years minimum to plan. Of course it's also convenient for them to not go back to a very expensive in-person event. I'd be very surprised if we see any major in-person events before 2023 at the least, and by 2024 everyone may have forgotten than WPC and Inspire was ever a thing...


Level 6 Contributor

I think it was the Swiss partner zone that were implying that there would be a local in person event that they were looking at arranging with Inspire still being digital. It would be for local partners and a chance to start to build some partner relationships. Should we not expect the same in the UK?

While I've got a lot out of the last 2 years in the sessions I've been on it doesn't beat actually being there and having the corridor conversations or a drink in the evening where you get the off the record conversations.

When i went to Ignite and was listening to the sessions around Intune and autopilot and listening to the official conference blurb thinking thats not the experience we'd been having, but then speaking to the presenters afterwards finding out that the truth was much closer to what we were seeing and not everything was working as yet.