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March Modern Workplace Community Call (Q&A)

Thank you for those who joined today's call, the actions the team will post answers to are listed below:

  1. Clarification of the SMB Seat size for the incentive
  2. Screenshot of where to find global incentives in the Partner Center
  3. M365 IUR clarification by competency
  4. Post link to the public preview Windows Virtual Desktop

The recording of the call is available here.



Re: March Modern Workplace Community Call (Q&A)

To know more about Windows Virtual Destop:

  • High Level information here
  • Announcement Blog here
  • Public Preview - request for notification here

Re: March Modern Workplace Community Call (Q&A)

Capture.PNGPlease find a screen grab view of where to view global incentive earnings within Partner Center


Re: March Modern Workplace Community Call (Q&A)

Responding to the question around seat size. There is no maximum/minimum seat count for this campaign - the only requirement is that the customer is segmented as SMB.

However, given the lower earning threshold is $1,000 this means that the miniumum increase in seat growth is 50 seats for teh campaign across all of a partner's customers.

The full T&C's are avaiable on the UK Modern Workplace Community site (here Robot Happy).