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Clarification on new release cadence

With the new release cadence, we now have April and October releases, however when looking at the release notes some of the features are coming out as Public Preview, or General Availability in June/July/August/September. I'm slightly confused by this!

When it says "Public Preview" will this only roll out to the instances that we have had the "April 2019 preview" enabled for, and will they then get scheduled for General Availability in the October release?

If the release notes say General Availability in April, but there is no public preview, does this mean that we won't be able to preview them at all until full release? This is again somewhat problematic for partners who want to be able to get on top of releases beforehand? (Or is it just that we're not signed up for insider, and that's our issue!)

Additionally, as a partner, we want to help our customers manage their upgrades, but not knowing exactly when someone is going to upgrade is somewhat tricky, as there is then the manual step of having to upgrade their individual apps after the main update is completed. Is there any plan for automatic upgrading of the individual apps?