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Empowering partner practices through the CAF for Azure - Webinar JUN2020

Dear All, 


Was a pleasure to deliver the above webinar with the Team today!


If you attended it, thank you and we would love to know here whether it was a good experience.

Either way please find below a PDF of what we ran through - the Recording is available here with its key sessions as follows:


Danny Wigg very well explained "Why CAF?" - from 4m 55s

Kate McCarthy discussed about CAF and the fact it will become bigger into FY21 - from 15m 55s

Sergio Carrilho spoke about the Microsoft OCP Partner Onboarding and Validation into CAF - from 20m 35s

Cloudreach brought their strong voice and capability up with a strong story through the work with Dentsu - from 30m 25s

Node4 also told us about their great journey with us - from 56m 55s

Luke Fussell and Richard Cheney did a stellar job helping partners better understanding CAF and making it real! - from 1h 44m 15s

Key takeaways & Next Actions into FY21 - from 2h 16m 30s


Keep well and stay strong - while flying in the Cloud!