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AI Journer Day 2 2019 Slides & demos

10:00 Intro and health and safety etc Robin L
10:05 (45) Creating bots in Azure Faris H
10:50 AI Vision Robin L
12:10 Lunch
12:40 (50) Language and Understanding Christina L
13:30 (45) Azure Cognitive Search Faris H
14:15 Coffee
14:30 (45) Forms Recogniser Simi A
15:15 (30) Ai Builder Faris & Kailani
15:45 Panel Q&A All


"AI without a PhD - Exploring speech, text, vision and bots"


Enhancing your application with intelligence is as simple as integrating an API. If you want to know what is available to use right now, and how to do it, then this is the session for you. No PhD required!


As humans we experience our world through our senses. Machines experience the world through data. The images, videos, sounds and documents of our world contain a wealth of new information if only there was a simple and effective way to extract it. Recent advances in AI mean that we have a catalogue of sophisticated models produced by powerful algorithms that allow machines to reason, understand and interact with the world in new ways. Machines with these capabilities, built in to applications and services, enhance user experience, improve productivity and can reduce error and waste.


The format of the day will technical session looking at how Microsoft AI technologies can intelligently identify and process speech, images, videos, documents and text. This learning will give you foundational knowledge of Microsoft cognitive services and will allow you to build solutions and explore AI capabilities from whatever technical level you are at. The AI capabilities covered during the day include:


  • Perform image-processing algorithms to smartly identify, caption and moderate pictures and images
  • Map complex information and data in order to solve tasks such as image and audio searching.
  • Process natural language with pre-built scripts, evaluate sentiment and learn to recognise what users want, including building bots
  • Convert spoken audio into text, use voice for verification or add speaker recognition to your application


So, if you want to set up AI solutions that digitally transform your business, then this is the learning session for you.


Technologies to be explored during the day include:

  • The Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • The Azure Bot Framework
  • Cognitive Search


This is the right session to start your journey if you are currently working on any of these scenarios:

  • Wanting to analyse images to classify or validate their content
  • Extract meaning and insights from text
  • Build bots to interact with customers

And many more....


This is a technical event, and attendees are assumed to have some development skills, though not necessarily on AI.


This technical event is targeted at commercial software companies, who build services, software and IP as their core business, looking to design AI solutions on Azure.


View all the other events in this series at https://aka.ms/AIJourneySeries


In combination with these events and online community will be available for questions, information sharing, feedback etc. More details at the event