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Pulsant Case Study: Transforming for the Future


The advent of public cloud technology coupled with a dramatic shift to Platform as a Service- (PaaS) and Security as a Service- (SaaS) based business models has created an uncertain environment, where traditional hosting service providers need to rethink and transform their business to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Pulsant, a long-time hosting partner and colocation services provider, was quicker than most in recognizing the need to transform their business to keep pace with shifting demand. Over the last two years, some of its own customers had stopped renewing their contracts entirely, while others began reaching out to Pulsant asking for help moving their workloads to the cloud. Seeing the writing on the wall, Pulsant registered as a CSP partner and began their transformation in earnest.

Pulsant decided that it wasn't enough to simply pivot its offerings - it needed to create a new brand presence that could represent this transformation. Ultimately, Pulsant chose to subsume their Azure services and hybrid cloud solutions together underneath a single, unified brand, and thus AMP was born.

This case study details how Pulsant modernized and digitally transformed its organization with another Microsoft Partner, Paal15, to stay relevant in a cloud-first world. Read the full story here or download the case study here.


Re: Pulsant Case Study: Transforming for the Future

Great article! 

Hosters needs to reinvent themsleves and climb higher up in the value-chain with more compelling offerings and abandon their own datacenters as that is not where the future lies. For the ones that are bold to lead the change there will be a bright future!

I recently wrote an article about it in Redmond Channel Partner Magazine -


Regards, Per