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SAMTalks #2 Tips for renewing Microsoft SAM Partnership

Tips, for your renewing your Microsoft SAM Partnership.

Watch the short 4 minutes video>> https://youtu.be/WehuGtAgVdg

See scripts below:

So, you're a Microsoft SAM Partner, and you're wondering what to do now that the Microsoft Certified Partner Competency in SAM has been retired.

First, rest assured that Microsoft remains entirely committed to Software Asset Management, and its SAM Partners.  

To show this commitment, Microsoft has done many things. Including,

To further show Microsoft's commitment to SAM and our SAM Partners, we also introduced the new Microsoft SAM Solution Expertise specialization.

The SAM Solution Expertise criteria are largely unchanged for existing SAM Partners.

Just as before, SAM Partners must have at least 2 Full Time Employees. And the employees must show their competence in SAM by taking two required Microsoft Certified Professional Exams, or MCPs. The recently updated SAM Core Exam (70-713) and the MCP in Volume Licensing (74-678). 

Partners must also earn two additional MCPs from the catalog of elective exams. The list of electives was expanded based on your partner feedback.

Also, if you have the previous SAM MCP (70-673), please remember that you'll need to update it by January 1st 2018. And, we are planning to launch a new Volume Licensing MCP in November 2017, but that new MCP will not be required for SAM Partners until July 1st, 2018.

What is new, is that since several Microsoft Competencies have been retired, including SAM, Volume Licensing, OEM and Hosting; to earn the SAM Solution Expertise specialization, you must either have an active MPN Competency, or become an Microsoft Action Pack Subscriber. 

Most of our SAM Partners already have other active MPN Competencies. But still, many SAM Partners were Certified only in SAM, and maybe Volume Licensing. For these impacted partners, choosing any active Partner Competency will enable you to retain all the benefits that come with being a Silver or Gold Microsoft Partner, and help you meet the SAM Solution Expertise criteria. 

For our SAM Partners that only had one of the retired MPN Competencies, you'll want to determine if a new MPN Competency is right for you. Some competencies (such as Cloud Productivity) require the partner to help Customers transact software or consume online services. Some competencies (such as Data Platform) do not have this requirement. Visit MPNEvolution.com for more information. If you don't find a competency that aligns with your business, no problem, you should consider becoming a Microsoft Action Pack Subscriber. The Microsoft Action Pack, combined with meeting the SAM Solution Expertise criteria, allows your organization to earn the SAM Solution Expertise.

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Join the discussion here [https://aka.ms/mpcsam] Watch the SAMTalks video to learn the tips for you to renew Microsoft SAM Partnership!
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Re: SAMTalks #2 Tips for renewing Microsoft SAM Partnership

Update: The VL MCP requirement date for our SAM Partners has been extended from July 1st, 2018, to September 1st, 2018. The newly refreshed VL MCP (70-705) is now live.

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Re: SAMTalks #2 Tips for renewing Microsoft SAM Partnership





I want to make an inscription  for SAM 70-713 exam but I cannot find the correct place to do it.


Thank in advance.



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Re: SAMTalks #2 Tips for renewing Microsoft SAM Partnership

Hi @Anonymous, I just followed up with someone and will let you know their response.


Re: SAMTalks #2 Tips for renewing Microsoft SAM Partnership

Hi @Anonymous,

You can register the MCP exam at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-713.aspx. 

Does it answer your question?