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Become Microsoft SAM Managed Service Partner!

As announced at Microsoft Inspire, the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program is designed to provide customers with a continual, governance-based, service to help them more effectively manage their IT assets and processes. The Program, delivered through accredited SAM partners, offers customers unique benefits from Microsoft, including a fresh start with their Microsoft licensing, flexible solutions for technology and licensing optimization, a reduced risk of audit, and more. Customers will also receive ongoing high quality services from their Accredited Partner, such as technology roadmaps to help them meet their short and long term goals, product end-of-life guidance, SAM optimization and maturity reviews, and cybersecurity, cloud, or other value-based consultations.

To participate in this Program, partners must meet initial eligibility criteria and pass a rigorous assessment, based on industry SAM standards, given by a third party Independent Evaluator. Once in the Program, partners will be able to utilize their exclusive status to set themselves apart in the marketplace, drive new business opportunities, gain more exposure, and become trusted advisors to customers through their digital transformation journeys.

For more information on the terms and conditions of the Program and to learn how to become an Accredited Provider, go to https://aka.ms/sammanagedserviceresources and review the documents in detail.

See the Accredited Partners here: https://aka.ms/sammanagedservice Inviso SAM Managed Service Program quote.jpg