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Thought Leadership Series: SkyKick - Reengineer business blueprint to manage like a Cloud business


*please find the video here if you hadn't had the change to join the Session on Tuesday


Session 4: Reengineer business blueprint to manage like a Cloud business 

MSPs who fulfill commit to cloud-first behavior require a business footprint to measure and grow cloud maturity index.  Considering 62% of SMBs plan to increase their cloud spend by at least 20% next year alone, taking stock of your own cloud-readiness, and path forward, is critical to win in the market.

We will see how top partners have re-engineered their business blueprints to manage their businesses like cloud businesses. We will learn about essential reporting structures, new roles and responsibilities and a new set of Cloud revenue growth metrics that track success.


Meet the speakers in this session below.


 Aditya Mohan, Alliance Marketing Director. SkyKickADitya Mohan.jpg

Aditya is an results-driven marketing, channel development and management consulting leader with track record of successes across Cloud-based and Software + Services B2B environments. At SkyKick his focus is to establish, programatize and execute upon joint Go To Market strategies with global partners and distributors.  He also manages SkyKick's Cloud Success program, committed to accelerating MSPs path to profitable cloud businesses by helping then play smart and win in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. More at https://cloudsuccess.skykick.com

Aditya accomplishments include launching Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Sure Step at Microsoft, leading cloud transformation practices at management consulting firms with stints at social media and mobility start-ups.  Aditya is an avid Sun Devil and enjoys running, soccer, mentoring and socializing.


Akos Zsufa, Director/Partner, ESW IT Business Solutions:Akps.jfif

I am a technically strong Entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology that surrounds myself with the Best people on the planet. I try to Lead by example and energize those around me by combining a sense of humor with a no-nonsense get it done attitude.

As a Hungarian immigrant, I was raised with a solid work ethic that has separated me from others who just can't (or don't) go the distance. I have worked my way up from the trenches up to Director level, and every day I try to demonstrate why I deserve to be where I am rather than coast on titles or hide behind meetings.


0.jfifArthur Ebbinger, Senior Cloud Architect, Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP): 

Director of Cloud Services for Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP) – developed a cloud practice around Azure and Office 365 from an initial single Exchange EOL migration offering into an extensive catalog of solutions with key vertical focuses.