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Announcement: October 26, 2022 at 8AM Pacific FY23 Tech Talks: BI

This Wednesday we're excited to give you a presentation on:

“Data in space” - Now Power BI can be truly everywhere presented by

Michal Foster Heldy, SENIOR PROGRAM MANAGER PBI EIM and Mobile


More information:

We live in a connected world and almost everything around us generates data.

Imagine if you could view that data, processed and with insights, in the context where it was created. Now, with Power BI Mobile app, you can.


Data in Space is a new feature that uses augmented reality technology in the Power BI Mobile app to create persistent spatial anchors in the real world and attach Power BI content to those anchors.


With Data in space, Power BI data can now become contextually integrated with the physical world it describes. For even more, read “Data in space” in preview: Now Power BI can be truly everywhere | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


If there are any questions prior to the call, please let us know and we can coordinate with the presenter.


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