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Tech Talks: Business Intelligence Partner Call Series

Attend weekly calls with Microsoft engineering SMEs to gain in-depth knowledge and learn of new opportunities for BI


Announcement: November 2, 2022 at 8AM Pacific FY23 Tech Talks: BI

Announcement: November 2, 2022 at 8AM Pacific FY23 Tech Talks: BI
This Wednesday we're excited to give you two presentations on:
  1. Introducing a new way to manage, enforce and transact licenses for Power BI visuals  
  1. Power BI in Dataverse: Power BI for Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform Customers
  • Presented by: Scott Sewell, PRINCIPAL PROGRAM MANAGER Power BI CAT
  • More information: There's a growing base of Dataverse based apps such as Dynamics 365 CE and Model-Driven Power Apps where the dataset has been unavailable for higher-level decision makers until now. As data professionals, you already know how Power BI delivers richer insights and incredible value. Now the opportunity is to embrace and enrich these growing Dataverse-based datasets.

    The last several months have brought new features to the Power BI integration with Power Apps and D365 CE on the Dataverse Platform, we'll look at some demo resources available to you now and newly published resources for your delivery teams to help them upskill on Power BI for Dataverse.

    check out Power Query Dataverse connector - Power Query | Microsoft Learn
If there are any questions prior to the call, please let us know and we can coordinate with the presenter.
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