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Macklemore launches a group text for the world!

As rapper and songwriter Macklemore put it, “The last couple years have been crazy.” Now, he’s looking forward in his new song Next Year and launching an experience called Group Text the World to help “put some positivity into the universe” when we need it most.


It all started with a simple idea. What if we could actually make our new year better with sheer will and the power of optimism? It’s an idea that Macklemore explores in his latest song Next Year, where he muses how “next year’s gonna be better than this year.” Because after all, the odds are in his favor—and it’s the kind of forward thinking the world can use in 2022.

That led to a big idea. What if we could collectively share our positive thoughts and energy with each other—and the world? That’s the concept behind Group Text the World, an experience Microsoft developed in partnership with Macklemore that invites people to share a text with a message of hope or a resolution to spark change.



"There are so many things we can't control, as this last year has proven. But for me staying optimistic and focused on what I can control helps me navigate life. Hopefully the song and this site can provide some optimism and encouragement in these uncertain times we're all living in."


As the messages come in, each one gets a “vibe score” based on the words and phrases—ranging from positive to neutral to negative—with a little help from Microsoft Azure AI. This helps readers find similar messages from around the world, including resolutions, reflections, and hopefully some inspiration.





The more messages people contribute, and the more positivity that adds up, the faster the sentiment meter moves up. Every text gets the meter one step closer to the top—and one step closer to the goal of starting 2022 with positive vibes! To help with the vibes, we are donating $50,000 to support The Residency, an organization that helps young hip-hop artists from low-income families in Seattle grow into cultural changemakers.


The hope is that Group Text the World inspires people to jump into 2022 with hope and determination and the call to action that Macklemore drops at the end of Next Year: “The time is now to press ‘go.’”



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