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Marketing More with Less



Dear Swiss Microsoft Partner,  


During this difficult time of increasing inflation and economic insecurity, it is more important than ever to make the right decisions for the future. We as Microsoft are committed to support you to overcome current challenges and see the opportunities in times of crisis. That is why we are proud to present to you our latest initiative called “Marketing More with Less”.  


„Do more with less“ is a powerful message we are sending our customers so they can transform their businesses digitally while reducing their operational costs. The same principle should apply to how we operate our marketing campaigns: we should optimize the resources we already have available.  


That is why we are showing you how to drive Digital Marketing Campaigns, leveraging available Co-op funds and GTM tools, without additional investment.  




To learn more about optimizing your marketing campaigns, you can find attached a slide deck containing further information and resources for you.  


Take advantage of our marketing resources and possibilities to drive your business together with Microsoft!