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Azure Data Centre Virtual Experience

Dear Partners, 


Microsoft is uniquely transparent about how it plans, builds and operates its Hyper-scale Cloud Data Centres. We are pleased to invite you to our Azure Data Centre Operations tour, a virtual event that allows you to explore a new world of sustainable, trusted cloud infrastructure with Azure.


Delivered by our Data Center MTC team, these events provide a compelling, interactive understanding of how we operate our data centre facilities around the world. It gives you the opportunity to learn about our enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, and how we’re constantly improving the performance, efficiency, power consumption, and costs of Azure Data Centre’s for your cloud workloads.


By attending the Azure Data Centre Operations virtual tour, you will:

  • Understand Microsoft’s approach to delivering data centre services including modular data centre strategy, driving data centre efficiency, operational excellence, data centre sustainability, and securing the cloud infrastructure 
  • Learn about Microsoft’s vision and commitment to cloud computing, how we deliver cloud services including facilities operations, security, and physical construction principles and how compute is delivered at massive scale and optimization. 
  • Discover how your organisation can take advantage of Microsoft cloud and understand how Azure provides flexibility and control to consume IT as a Service 


Global Reach -Background on how Microsoft has delivered world-class facilities 

Site Examples – Pictures on our world class facilities 

Inside Azure Servers – Server design and innovation 

Inside Azure Networking – Networking design and innovation 

Inside Azure Storage – Storage design and innovation 

Inside Data Centre Security - How Microsoft protects our customers data in the cloud and their Data centres  

Microsoft Sustainability - How our Data centres minimize their environmental impact 

What’s Next - A peek at new technologies coming to the Microsoft cloud 


You can register for the event in May here and for the one in June here


We are looking forward to welcoming you virtually!