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Apply now for the Swiss Marketing Development Funds (Go-To-Market Funds) for FY22

Dear Partners,


We're excited to announce the FY22 partner tender for the Swiss Marketing Development Funds (Go-To-Market Funds)! Curious on what our Swiss priorities are? We've interviewed our Business Group Leads Céline, Cherez and Stefi, as well as our new M&O lead Calin for Industry - watch the short videos to see what they have to say!


This tender is designed for partner marketing campaigns across all Solution Areas, with a focus on Industry, targeted at corporate & enterprise customers and for the remaining fiscal year (until June 2022). Microsoft's Through Partner marketing strategy is to go deeper with fewer campaigns, enabling maximum impact. Therefore:

  • Think industry: we've talked about it for a while now, so show us your ideas for an industry campaign
  • Think within and across Solution Areas: what do you want to market?
  • Think targeted and specific: campaign messaging with a concrete use case with a specific target audience
  • Think creative: explore new marketing trends mixed with traditional engines
  • Think big: The goal is to have a minimum investment of CHF 10'000.- from Microsoft per partner
  • Think digital: all campaigns should be executed fully digital


Submission deadline: September 13, at noon.

Please read the instructions carefully, fill out the Forms (https://forms.office.com/r/kh0ZbNk3kf ) and send the digitally signed PDF to maheyner@microsoft.com and rawir@microsoft.com


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

All the best,

Maruscha, Ralph and Sven


@RaWir @SvenG