Remote Working with Microsoft Surface for Business

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In recent months, companies worldwide have been forced to consider more effective ways of working remotely. More and more people have had to swap the usual workplace for their kitchen, study or spare room. 


At Microsoft, we’ve been committed to the concept of remote working for many years. In fact, it’s why we invented platforms like Microsoft Teams and device categories like Microsoft Surface.

It’s also why many of our 150,000-strong workforce were collaborating remotely for some time.

Since long before 2020, we have helped all types of businesses improve their remote working capabilities, and that’s the focus of this webinar. And it can work for yours too.


Whatever industry you’re in, this webinar is a great place to start in providing the tools for your team to work more productively, collaboratively and effectively, wherever they find themselves.

You’ll be guided through strategies to help you support your remote team with collaboration, productivity, creativity and security.


And, you’ll also learn about the Microsoft Surface for Business range. It has a device for almost any kind of job – from field reps to analysts and designers.

As you’d imagine, all devices in the range come fully integrated and optimized for Microsoft apps like Office 365, Windows 10 Pro and Teams.


Plus, the webinar discusses two exciting new additions to the range:


Surface Go 2 for Business

The perfect device for the field or the floor, it’s the lightest, most compact Surface yet and is faster with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 and Pentium® processors . It comes with a larger and brighter 10.5” touchscreen display in the same compact size, to enhance your productivity.


Surface Book 3 for Business

The most powerful Surface laptop yet allows you to tackle complex tasks and graphics-intensive work on a business device that’s optimized for productivity. It’s a robust laptop, a powerful tablet, and portable studio. All in one. It now has 40% improved graphics performance (Surface Book 3 13.5”) and is up to 50% faster (Surface Book 3 13.5”).


Remote Working with Microsoft Surface for Business

Join our live webinar for tips and advice on supporting remote working with Microsoft Surface for Business. Plus, get to know the new Surface Go and Surface Book.

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