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Migrating company solutions from OCP Catalogue to Solution Workspace

Hi everyone, 


i just discovered the new Microsoft Solution Workspace. I've went through multiple help sites but couldn't find answers. My question is as follows: 

Is the Solution Workspace meant to replace the OCP Catalogue? Or is it just another way to publish solutions as a partner? 

If Solution Workspace is the "to be new OCP Catalogue" how can i migrate the existing solutions from the old tool to the new tool? 


Thank you all in advance! 

Best regards from Germany 


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The OCP catalog is going to be consolidated into Partner Center/Commercial Marketplace. Here in the US, Microsoft sent partners a notification about the migration and they have posted migration directions at this link. The GTM services component previously available within the OCP catalog has now moved to the Solution Workspace. This is not the place to publish solutions (you would publish via the Commercial Marketplace), but it is a single location that provides the ability to generate GTM tasks based on the solution you are building. It looks like it provides: build checklist, GTM checklist, sell checklist, links to product training, guides for referral management/responding to leads, how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling, guides on building out P2P relationships, list of GTM offers & rewards that a partner can leverage, etc. Found this site that provides some additional information on Solution Workspace. Nice demo posted on this page if you haven't come across this yet.