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Increase your sales with go-to-market digital campaigns

With sales teams currently limited on their face-to-face meetings with potential clients, it’s more important than ever for your digital marketing to fill the gaps to attract new customers and generate revenue.


To accelerate lead generation and cloud customer acquisition, your Microsoft Partner Network membership provides entire optimized marketing campaigns in three different areas: Modern Work & Security (Microsoft 365, Surface, Security), Apps & Infra/Data & AI (Azure), and Business Applications (Dynamics 365 and Power Platform). Each go-to-market sales play offers 12 weeks of always-on campaigns, including sales play guidance, sales pitch decks, sales guides, to-customer videos, thought leadership, e-books, and infographics.


By using our go-to-market plays, you benefit from our extensive experience helping partners just like you increase sales and revenue. As part of the materials, we also provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to put it all together for an effective campaign. Once you access the content, you can customize the assets to meet your specific customer needs and then track usage metrics.


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Accessing go-to-market plays through Solutions Workspace


To access go-to-market sales plays in Solution Workspace, visit the Go to Market stage of your checklist and navigate to the “Accelerate your lead generation with go-to-market sales plays” step. There, Solution Workspace’s curated experience will surface the correct sales plays options for your specific solution area.

For instance, if you are building a solution on Azure, the “Apps & Infrastructure sales plays” card is shown to provide specific campaigns related to selling an Azure-based product. From the task card, you can review the campaigns that are most relevant to your product and then begin customizing the materials.


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