Have you said "no" to a project due to lack of skilled resources?

Hello Cloud+AI Partners,

Last week I met with some partners to discuss how FastTrack for Azure can act as an extension of their teams, more specifically covering for skill gaps.

Some of them reported they said "no" to projects or opportunites because they didn't have experienced consultants available in a given time (couldn't hire, were in other billable activities, etc.).

To be able to respond to an opportunity they would have to take consultants away from billable activities to study, practice, and get ready before meet customers.

FastTrack for Azure was able to step in to fill the knowledge gap and be the "AI/DevOps/Serverless" consultant for that partner, allowing them to carry project forward. 

So, next time you face a situation where you will need to turn an opportunity down due to lack of experienced resources, bring the project to our attention and let's us bring the resources to help you (and ultimately the customer) to drive an Azure workload into production.

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My best, Rodrigo de Carvalho | FastTrack for Azure Partner Enablement