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Digital marketing is not an option in 2018 it's mandatory for any business!

 Digital marketing is the future of business.

In 2018 it’s vital (no more an option) for any business with an online presence to have some sort of digital marketing strategy in place. No sector will be able to survive or compete in the market without adopting a proper digital marketing strategy in 2018. A consistent growth in business is not possible without accepting this ultramodern sales promotion tool. Organizations, who have understood this business essentiality, are getting ahead of their nearest competitors in the market. Again, there are many business entities are growing tremendously only on the basis of their online presence, and digital marketing tools. These organizations, like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, and hundreds other are the starkest examples of the future business concept of the world.Business-&-Marketing_Facebook-Cover-Image-1200x630-(2).png


Very commonly in businesses, we see that digital marketing activities are commonly actioned in different silos. A team member doing digital marketing activities, an IT guy in another department helping out and even agency involvement as well.

However, your digital media work should all be integrated across all channels and people involved. This is why a digital media strategy is a necessity as it unifies everything.

The best way to survive in 2018:

 The Internet is the mainstream business process in 2018, i.e. people will depend on any mode of business transactions, like B2B, or B2C business on the internet only. This process has already started and going to intensify with the passage of time. It is a normal incidence for any brick-and-mortar business establishments to come across hundreds of visitors entering their shop and glancing at, or inspecting products, then leaving the shop without buying anything. In a brick-and-mortar business, owners need to go on investing on a regular basis just to survive in the market, and a lump sum expense is made every month as a recurring expense. So, the business houses have been getting more interest in turning to online business format, which is much more cost-effective, and market-oriented than the physical mode of business. Thus, in coming days, digital marketing will be the most important determinant of business growth.


Grab the vast mobile market:


Business houses with a clear and well-planned digital marketing strategy are also spreading their brand name among millions of smartphone, and tab users. So, everyone who uses the internet in any form is a “prospect” for a business house. As per the available statistics, almost 75% Google Chrome users now access internet on their smartphones or tabs. Besides, a large number of people worldwide uses both smartphone and computer to access the internet. Without adapting digital marketing processes, a company can’t grab this mind-boggling opportunity. Mobile-based internet accessibility will increase steadily in near future, which will help the companies to experience greater business growth, and more market penetration.


Increasing loyal customers:

Digital marketing campaign helps a business house to intensify their real-time interaction with the customers. With the help of social media marketing, email marketing, etc. customers, or the audience comes to know every important activity of a business as and when it happens. On the other hand, a business house comes to know about their customers’ opinions and gets the customers’’ feedbacks almost immediately. This real-time interaction process helps an organization to satisfy their customers with instant actions, response, and engagement. Digital marketing creates a feeling of oneness in a customer with the organization. When it happens continuously, brand loyalty increases to a large extent. There is no other better way available that can increase brand loyalty, and trust so efficiently.

What are the digital marketing different aspects?

Simply speaking, digital marketing is the sales promotion method to promote a brand through electronic media, especially with the help of different tools available on the internet. It is more dynamic, widespread, and effective than the traditional modes of sales, and marketing. It provides positive results faster than traditional methods, and it is a more flexible form of marketing than the traditional method. The best thing about digital marketing is that it provides a multiple of tools in each sector of digital marketing to analyze the result instantly. So, if a marketer is using Google AdSense, he is empowered with a tool to get a complete statistic of its effects, if he is using email marketing, he has a scope to know, how many people are opening his emails. These analytical tools make promotional campaigns more successful, and target oriented.

There are four basic aspects of digital marketing:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the process of making a webpage more visible in a search engine than the other similar types of web pages. A successful SEO campaign can make a business extremely successful in the long run. There are several innate processes, like content marketing, and backlinking, in SEO that requires expert attention to make SEO target oriented, and successful.

bing-ads-certified12.png2. E-mail marketing

 It is the oldest concept of digital marketing, but still very much relevant. Through this system, existing customers and other visitors are informed about the various products, and services of the company. The audience is also requested to join in different engaging activities undertaken by the business concern.

ecomm-marketing-badge.png3. Social media marketing

 Social media has been proliferating rapidly. It is the most powerful media on the internet, where a business can contact millions of people very effectively. Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used by every modern organization to promote their brands. A wide array of social media marketing tools is available for adopting a strategic


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4. Paid digital marketing

 Paid search marketing is the way of advertising on a search engine or its sponsored websites, which helps in the higher visibility of the advertised brands.


The digital marketing plays a significant role in mass awareness about a brand, a start-up company. Experts are emphasizing more on enhanced digital marketing strategy for better business growth through an instant effect. Business people are now showing more interest in the digital marketing processes, and hiring in-house professionals, or consultants for enhanced digital marketing strategy. 



And it is amazing how many companies that don't maximize on digital marketing! Studies have shown that high-growth companies invest heavily in digital marketing. 


Regards, Per

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Great insights. As a digital marekting management company we see first hand the value of all 4 catagories. More of our clients have cut TV and print ad spend to use for digital marketing. We have proven time and time again that digital marketing can show them a higher ROI. 


And it is amazing how many companies that don't maximize on digital marketing! Studies have shown that high-growth companies invest heavily in digital marketing. 


Regards, Per

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Agreed! Digital marketing is a key part in any marketing plan and should be embraced by all companies. Digital marketing needs to be well planned and executed, this can be acomplished understanding how people use the internet. This is a great post, it gives a very clear idea of what digital marketing is and how it can be done on any business.


I agree that digital marketing is super important.

Sometimes a little bit forgotten but successful companies in our industry (and other industries) should invest more in digital marketing.

Instead of recruiting one more traditional sales person, I would suggest that you rather employ one more person in digital marketing because that will give your sales people better qualified sales leads so they will be more efficient.

Digital marketing is always an important component in the advice that I give to Microsoft Partners that wants to take the next step and become rising stars.

Regards, Per