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Qorus Content Hub - A no-cost sales enablement benefit

Dear Partner,

The Qorus Content Hub is a no-cost sales enablement benefit, brought to you by the Microsoft Partner Network. With Qorus Content Hub, you can access business-critical Microsoft partner network website content via Office applications and efficiently create multi-solution, customer-ready marketing and sales materials.

Qorus helps Microsoft partnersQorus Pic.jpg

Connecting content with customers

The Qorus Content Hub – an Office-add in that brings Microsoft content to you. No need to reinvent the wheel!

  • No cost to Microsoft partners
  • Helps you access business critical Microsoft partner network website content via Office applications
  • Allows user to efficiently create multi-solution customer-ready customer content
  • Available for Indirect Providers to provide to their partners at no cost

Increase your sales velocity by using the right content

  • Shorten your sales cycles and improve win rates
  • Easy to incorporate Microsoft content into your sales and marketing process
  • Improve marketing content value and impact
  • Reach more customers, more effectively
  • Spend time with your customers, not the content preparation
  • Track what content is being used and how it’s used

So why not shorten your sales cycles and spend more time with your customers, instead of content preparation. Sign up at no cost today!

For questions, please contact Jennifer Tomlinson (jesidd@microsoft.com)

Additonal resource - Check out the Ask Me Anything session


This is a great tool, and a smart way of thinking about how partners actually access the content they need. Well worth a look


Let me just echo this!

The Qorus Content Hub is great and is at no cost for partners! So I strongly suggest to everyone to take a look and start to use Qorus!


Regards, Per


We love the Qorus content hub!  Thanks for making it available to partners.