SAP on Azure Technical Webinar Series

Dear Partner,

In the last few years Azure has become accepted as a platform for running business critical workloads, including SAP. Recently the two software companies have entered in a new partnership which aims at helping customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

To be able to benefit from these developments it is important to have a thorough understanding of the capabilities the Azure platform offers for running SAP workloads. We are glad to invite you to the SAP on Azure Technical Enablement Webinar Series *in which you will be able to *learn about the various deployment scenarios and the underpinning infrastructure components that make up the different architectures.

The training will be divided into 4 episodes that will run every Wednesday at 10:00 GMT+2 starting May 27th. Registrations are now open, register today!

* 27.05.2020: The basics part 1: compute and storage
* 03.06.2020: The basics part 2: networking, management & security
* 10.06.2020: SAP on Azure architectures
* 17.06.2020: Migration and cost calculation