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best practice for reselling Azure service as they are or as part of solution


we became 2-tier CSP and now we are about to resell something from Azure 😊. There are two different things we are going to resell:


- azure service as they are

- our own solutions consuming some Azure services


Can somebody share some best practice for both of these scenarios in terms of revenue count towards Microsoft, easy of management etc ...

Thank you.


@imadam :

For Reselling the Azure service as-is anything you sell as Indirect CSP reseller, respectively any consumed services on Azure subscriptions you provide, will contribute to the recognized revenue - both counting towards competency requirements and incentives.


For your own solutions it depends if your solution is consuming Azure services in your own subscriptions ("Partner-Hosted") - e.g. you sell a SaaS solution where end customer just using the services and will you run the backend in your own environment - or if it is a "customer-hosted" scenario, e.g. Azure managed App where you deploy the complete solution into the Azure subscription of the customer.


For Customer-Hosted you can sell along with the Azure subscription (and then provide your service on a  single invoice to the end customer with the Azure subscription and your services combined - so consumption caused by your solution will also count the same way as customer-driven consumption). On top you can also publish your solution in Azure Marketplace (e.g. Azure Managed App) so that any customer can deploy it themselves into a subscription they own. The 2nd option then allows you to link your Partner ID to a solution you manage via Azure Lighthouse - and then revenue caused by those solution would also count. See Azure Lighthouse and Azure managed applications - Azure Lighthouse | Microsoft Docs / Link an Azure account to a partner ID |

Microsoft Docs 

For Partner-Hosted there are currently no option to track the Azure consumption happening in your own subscription, since
"internal usage" is excluded from revenue tracking - but for this you could also transact via Marketplace if you publish a SaaS solution: How to plan a SaaS offer for the Microsoft commercial marketplace | Microsoft Docs 

Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/janoschulmer)