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PowerApps Portals for Dynamics 365

With the new licensing update for Portals in Dynamics 365 I am seeing mixed messaging from Microsoft. On the pricing page it says the cost is $200 for "100 daily logins", however the licensing guide states that the $200 for for 100 monthly logins... What is the correct interpretation? 

Level 7 Contributor

Yes, it is confusing.  I understood this to be 100 different users could login each day, per month.

100 logins per day, 30 day month = 3000 logins.


However, there are a few descriptions that conflict with each other.


This is from the Power Platform licensing guide (June 2020)

A login provides the authenticated user with access to a single portal for up to 24 hours.

Multiple logins during the 24-hour period count as 1 billable login.

Think of a login as a day pass to a single Power Apps Portal


And this from the same guide

Each unit provides 100 logins/month.


And, in the Offer Matrix available to CSP Partners, it says this

Power Apps Portals login capacity add-on

Each subscription includes 100 daily log ins by external users per month.

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The right answer is 100 logins per month, with each login session lasting a maximum of 24 hours. Here's the FAQ page: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/powerapps-flow-licensing-faq#portals


Yes, it's very misleading the way this is communicated on the marketing pages. Yes, it is indeed quite an expensive service to run.

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Thanks for the details.

Yes, confusing and this could be very expensive compared to the old Portal licensing model.

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Yes it very expensive, so much more expensive than actually buying an Enterprise license for the user.  If the external user were to login to your portal at $2 on each day they did - say once a week = 52x $2 = $104 for the privilege.  So if that user were just logging support / reviewing progress of orders - but the product does not have a good margin - then you are snookered.  If there is no margin - e.g. just a service you offer your clients when they use your product - then you again are snookered.


For high volume scenarios there are some discounts - tier 3 pricing which brings it down, but to be competitive with alternative technology, it still has a way to go.


The only saving grace, it is quick to put up websites linked to Dynamics CE, and get the data straight into the database.