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Invalid licence on a brand new Office 365 box bought on Amazon

Hi, we bought a physical version of a Office 365 1Y Family on Amazon. But when we tried to install it on a customer PC, we had a invalid licence error.. Amazon said us to contact Microsoft, when we try by a call, it is impossible to have someone, and when try on our partner account : page not found....

What do we have to do ???

Thank you


@voltservices : This forum is not really suited for discussing technical & activation problems for end users, it is focused on reseller business for Microsoft Partners.

I would recommend to go through Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office (microsoft.com) - and the last option in the list of troubleshooting steps will guide you to the support site where you can get in contact with support. 


Not sure what you refer to with " try on our partner account : page not found....)"

What steps did you do, what website/URL are you referring to? 

Kind regards, Janosch
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