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Indirect Reseller Association


My company is CSP with Indirect Reseller status. Being Indirect Reseller can we associate with more that one Indirect Providers? If possible can anyone identify pros and cons to associate with more that one Indirect Providers.  



Hi Hassan,

It is possible to partner with multiple T2 providers.



Hi Hassan,

I don't know if you can have multiple (guess so, but don't know). But, I would instead try build a great relationship with ONE and before I'd start working with them, I would scan the market and talk to different CSP distributors in order to find the best one for me.

Then I would make sure that I reviewed the relationship every 6 months and switch to someone else in case I didn't find what I was looking for. It's not just about the margn - it's also about the smoothness doing business and what kind of support you would get.

Lastly, the profit made out of selling CSP is just one stream and you will need to find other streams of profit in order to become successful. You will need to add value to the customer - and when you do add that value you will differentiate yourself and your profits will be higher.


Regards, Per